Eight Maxims

17 January 2024 1 Minute History

A few principles for thoughtful software engineering.


Less is More Write less code, use fewer abstractions, be simple and concise. Complexity is easy, simplicity is hard.

Diff Your Commits Read your own code before you commit it, before you PR it, and after you merge it. Keep your code tidy and clear.

Document Why, not How I can (usually) figure out how to use your code. I can (usually) never figure out why you wrote it that way.

Collaborating over Coding Software Engineering is 9 parts collaboration and 1 part coding. Be approachable and helpful, reach out to others often.

Respect Legacy Code There is much wisdom in legacy code. Understand before judging, embrace before extinguishing.

Continuous Learning/Continuous Improvement Always learn, always try new things, always be open-minded.

Embrace Change Change is the only constant. Expect it, embrace it, and code for it.

Lift Everyone Up Share knowledge openly, celebrate accomplishments, support and mentor freely. You grow the most when you help others grow.

Hi, I'm Ian

I'm a software engineer, architect, and team leader in Minneapolis. My career has largely focused on .NET and web technologies, spread across several industries. Currently I'm working for Crate & Barrel on their ecommerce solutions. You can find me on this blog, contributing to open source repositories, and at conferences around the Midwest.

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