Book Club 9/2023: Papers I Love

28 September 2023 2 Minutes History

Reflecting on the final Strange Loop conference, having attended several 'Papers We Love' talks, I'm motivated to share five papers I love.


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Last week I attended the final Strange Loop Conference. This conference has been very influential on my career and my academic interests. In fact, this conference began a short time before I started making money in software. Having been able to watch the talks on the YouTubes over the years, I credit it with having a significant impact on how I've approached my career as well as my studies in college, where I got bachelors' in both philosophy and computer science.

However, I had never been to a Strange Loop before! It's bitersweet then that I was able to attend the final one. Perhaps unurprisingly, I attended several presentations sponsored by (or should I say "presented by"? unsure) Papers We Love. In that spirit, I'm going to share five papers here that cut across my philosophical and computer science inclinations that I have very much enjoyed over the years:

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